EU7W2 2-Wire start


For the EU7000is and EU70is, the 2-wire start kit is a plug ‘n’ play install to allow a hard wired, 2 pole switch start /stop function or can be used with a PV inverter with generator start function.

The Generator-Line EU7W2 comes with the 2 and 4 pin quick install for the key and push button start switch, 6 feet, 16 gauge of plug-in control wire pigtail for you to connect required amount of wire, and easy, illustrated install instructions.  Red and black power wires are already equipped with eyelet connectors for easy attachment to the starting battery.  The key switch remains off and the start/stop function is activated with a single throw switch or with a two-wire generator start/stop function on a photo voltaic inverter.  There is no draw on the starting battery when the generator is off.

Dimensions 8 × 5 × 1 in


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